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  Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok
Hotel easy reach of major shopping centers such as Siam Paragon, Central World Plaza, MBK, and Gaysorn
    The Montien Hotel Bangkok is located on the middle of the City, which in the heart of the Business district, ideal for shopping and entertainment,Hotel conveniently located near skytrain. Only 5 minutes walk from the Montien Hotel to "Sala daeng" station on Silom Road and underground train stations just a few minutes walk from the Montien Hotel to "Sam yan" station on Rama IV Road. Moreover about 10-20 Minutes from the Montien Hotel to "Si phraya" pier.
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Surawong Raod
    If you have stayed in the hotel district of Silom. We want you to travel around the area you will find such wonders Hotel in surawong or Hotel near Silom There are plenty of opportunities to relax. We are recommend the hotel Montien Hotel Bangkok., Which remains unique to Thailand is beautiful and admirable.
    There are many attractions around the hotel Montien Hotel Bangkok, Surawong Road, such as shop and tourist attraction. View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Chamchuri Square
    Chamchuri Square is shopping mall, near the Chulalongkron University (Famous university of Thailand), There have many retail shop such as Sevensen, MK, Book store and Doi Tung (Thai coffee shop from the Mae Fah Luang foundation, help the people in the north of Thailand, established by Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Boromrajajonnani, mother of The King Rama IX) Opposite Wat Hualamphong View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Jim Thomson
     JIM THOMPSON is The Legendary American of Thailand because he makes the Thai silk to the Fashion world. In 1951 he came to Thailand for established The Thai silk company limited registered in February 1, 1951. Once, he goes to New York and visit to Edna Woolman Chase, then editor of Vogue. Deeply impressed by the shimmering silk draped across her desk, Chase described the fabric as a 'magnificent new discovery'. As far as Vogue opinion was concerned, Thai silk had made its debut. Soon after, Valentina, the dress designer, was photographed for Vogue in a Thai silk dress. Thompson was credited in the caption. This is his way to connection to the Fashion world.
Opening Hours : 09:00 a.m. – 09:00 p.m. Walk from the Montien Hotel, Bangkok to Surawonge road, then turn left and walk along road about 400 M. Jim Thompson opposite Thai Red Cross Society . View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Ruamkatanyu foundation
Ruamkatanyu foundation is established to help human, who have accident and the people can make merits by give some money to their, for bought the coffins for the bodies without relatives. At first walk to the foundation officers and write your name in the pink paper, then the foundation officers will give two papers (pink and white paper) to yours. Next to you carry the pink paper to the table for glue and paste on the coffins. After that you light the joss sticks amount 20 sticks and put in the joss stick pots follow up by the number in front of the joss stick pots. Finally you burn the white paper and put in the pot. Near the Sam yan underground train station View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar
    Patpong Night Bazar, looks similar with Chatachak Weekend Market but it opens everyday from 6 p.m. to around 1 a.m. There have vendors selling gifts, clothing, jewellery, compact discs, hand-made products and Naraya retailer shop. Opposite The Montien Hotel Bangkok, only one thing is needed is your "Bargaining skill". View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok King Rama VI
    King Rama VI will also be remembered as the king who changed the Thai flag from a white elephant against a red background to the present tricolour representing the national trinity; white for religion, blue for the monarchy and red for the blood of the people. More over King Rama VI is father of Boy Scout. King Rama VI monument is located in front of the Lumpini Park, where is really large park in the center of the city, it has a small lake too with pedal boat, and the people can jogging and exercise. Every year have a ceremony to pay homage to king Rama VI is performed annually at the site on November 25, the anniversary of his death. Near Saladang underground train station. View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (Snake Farm)
    The Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is a popular attraction for both tourists and scientists, right in the heart of Bangkok. Here you can see some very venomous snakes actually doing good for the community.
    Thailand is the habitat for many varieties of venomous snakes as well as harmless species. Under the auspices of the Thai Red Cross Society, the snake farm was established and officially opened on November 22, 1923 to extract venom from the snakes in order to study and develop anti-venom serum to treat snake bite victims.
    The poisonous snakes that are indigenous to Thailand are cobra, king cobra, banded krait, Russell's viper, some pit vipers and sea snakes. These venomous snakes are provided by Thai farmers who are also snake catchers by profession. The snake farm pays them according to species and size.
    Visitors can see the extraction of the venom at scheduled times and wander through the breeding and holding areas to see the venomous snakes close at hand. The demonstration of snake handling start at 11 a.m. at the weekend and a second show at 2.30 p.m. only on weekdays. The venom-milking start at 11 a.m. View MapHotels near the BTS and MRT
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Asiatique
    ASIATIQUE a resting place on the Council. Everyone is welcome. And is also suitable for a place for Photographer especially during Twilight (Twilight), we can capture the sun go down as one of Bangkok's beautiful. Along the Chao Phraya river. Which is not easily ...
     Space Asiatique The Riverfront. Has issued the crema with the various elements. Which are available to accommodate groups of all ages groups. Have fun and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. In addition, this property also has fielded a story that happened in the past. To the knowledge of the Chronicles. About the importance of various aspects of a way of life along the river. Trade with foreign colonial. And talk to the advancement of architecture of that period. And various old symptoms have improved. And maintaining the original architecture in nearly all. View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC)
    ASIATIQUE Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), managed by N.C.C. Management & Development Co., Ltd., is Thailand's first purpose-built, world-class exhibition and convention center. With floor space of 65,000 sq m, QSNCC's layout emphasizes a traditional Thai structure, yet boasts a full range of equipment and facilities, including simultaneous interpretation system, wireless internet system, 1,000 permanent direct-dial international telephone lines, in-house food outlets and restaurant, and other supporting amenities.
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Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok MBK Center
    MBK Center is under "One stop shopping" concept which placed on a 23 rai of land which comprises of office building 20 stories, Pathumwan Princess Hotel 29 stories, and shopping center the 8-stories that operate retails business with 140,000 square meters rentable area under management of MBK Public Company Limited.
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Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Siam Paragon
    Siam Paragon is the largest shopping mall in Thailand. It opened on 9 December 2005. The mall is in Pathumwan. It covers in an area of 500,000 square kilometres (190,000 sq mi). More than 4000 cars can park in its parking lot. Siam Paragon is the first place in Thailand that have 26 glass elevators.
    In addition to the stores in the mall, there are many other special locations. The mall has a multiplex movie theater. It has 15 large theaters One of the theaters has the largest screen in Asia. Also, more people can sit in that theater than any other Asian theater. Siam Ocean World (Underwater world) is an aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in South East Asia. The mall also has exhibition hall, Thai Art Gallery, an opera concert hall, a large bowling alley and a karaoke center. There are also many different restaurants in the mall.
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Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok CentralWorld
Thailand's First Lifestyle Shopping Complex.
    Using creative art work and sculpture as part of the shopping complex's interior, this shopping complex offer to shopper and passer – by alike, a fun and inter-active experience with these art pieces, rather than just using it for decoration.
    Separated into 6 different shopping Zones, each with unique design and ambiance, shopper could enjoy myriad shopping experiences and easily locate which zoning they are in or wanted to visit. View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Silom Complex
    Silom Complex is a modern office building and the only shopping centre on Silom Road. The 31 storeys building locates on 7 Rai land (approximately 11,200 square meters); and has been running the business since 1993. For the entire period, there are many leading firms both Thai and international to be interested in the prime location of Silom Complex.
    Therefore, we are similar like the centre for business, shopping, fashion, food, jewel and decoration, bank and etc, including the Central Department Store, Top Marketplace and B2S. In addition, the building provides as many as 1,300 parking spaces. View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Siam Square
    Siam Square is a shopping and entertainment area in the Siam District of Bangkok, Thailand. The area connects to other shopping centres and links to the other shopping districts by sky bridge, such as Siam Center/Siam Discovery Center, MBK Center, Siam Paragon, Ratchaprasong shopping district and Sukhumvit Road.
Within Siam Square itself, there is a range of shops and services, including tutor schools, restaurants, cafe, designer clothing boutiques, recordstores, bookshops, Hard Rock Cafe and banks. The customers vary from young-aged school and college students to office workers and foreign tourists. It is sometimes referred to as the"SoHo" or "Shinjuku of Thailand". View MapMap
Surrounding the Montien Hotel Bangkok Sri Mahamariamman Temple
    The Mahamariamman temple Bangkok Famously called as watKhaek ( Uma devi temple) in local language, Known history of the temple was spreads over three century. It is the Primary Hindu Temple in Bangkok, unlike other temples this temple has all the gods of hindu religion and special 6 time pooja performed daily see more details on Pooja headings. The temple celebrates all the hindu festivals with its own specialization see details of it in festival heading month wise calendar. The Temple History and more details about the temple found in Books session as Temple History.
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